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BFF Cosmetics was founded in 2010 with 38 years of experience with the aim of designing, producing, marketing and selling cosmetic products. BFF Cosmetics' headquarter is in Tuzla / Istanbul . The factory is 10.000 m² and our facility has in-house development capabilities from Export & Import Department, Sales Department, Graphic and Marketing Department, R&D Department and Warehousing.

Petite Maison is a new brand of BFF cosmetics which includes wide range of products developed for Skin, Hair and Body care.

What makes our products unique?

1. Wide range of products for all skin types.

2. Beneficial for any age.

3. Multifunctionality and effectiveness.

4. Based on biologically active and effective plant complexes and components.

5. Products have light textures that provide gentle care.

6. Low risk of allergic reactions.



To be the number one choice of consumers in every country in the world and to be one of the leading brands in the global cosmetics market as a Turkish brand.


The most important goal of our corporate culture is; understanding the needs and expectations of our customers, make no compromises on our product quality standards and reliability.



Quality Focus

Continuous Development

Environmental Sensitivity

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