Petite Maison Mist My Face

Petite Maison Mist My Face

Fits anywhere in your daily routine—there’s no wrong time or place to spray. Say goodbye to matte skin and say hello to hydrated and moisture infused, glowing skin!

Petite Maison Mist My Face 100 ml is a face spray that refreshes the skin. It helps the skin to gain radiance. Petite Maison Mist My Face 100 ml moisturizes and softens the skin deeply. It contains Pink Grapefruit Extract. Pink Grapefruit Extract contains Amino Acids that support the formation of healthy skin cells. In this way, it nourishes the skin and supports its renewal. It also provides collagen production and also it is a supporter that has a delaying effect on aging. Its antioxidant feature is a protective barrier on the skin. Petite Maison Mist My Face protects the moisture balance of the skin with Hyaluronic Acid contained in 100 ml. It supports the moisturizing of the skin at all times of the day. From the moment it is applied to the face, it provides a brighter and more refreshing effect.

Petite Maison Mist My Face 100 ml contains Vitamin C it contains, satisfying the vitamin supports the skin needs. Vitamin C purifies the skin from dead cells. Gives a smooth touch. It helps to reduce skin and freckle spots. It has a natural brightening effect. Provides elastin and collagen production. In this way, it supports the elimination of skin problems. Vitamin C supports the reduction of aging effects with its anti-aging content.

Petite Maison Mist My Face 100 ml contains Chamomile Flower Extract which is an antiseptic. It helps prevent the occurrence of skin problems. It is a good supporter of lightening the color of the skin by deeply cleansing the dead cells. Eyes and mouth should be covered while applying Petite Maison Mist My Face 100 ml. It is sprayed to the face from a distance of 20 cm. It can be applied at any time. Available for all skin types.

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