Petite Maison Moisture Booom

Petite Maison Moisture Booom

The perfect Moisturizing Booomm will deeply nourish your skin without a greasy feel. A light and easily absorbed formula will help to protect and lock-in moisture for all-day. Give to your face a fresh feeling and radiant look !

Petite Maison Moisture Booomm 60 ml is a moisturizing cream preferred in the skincare routine. It helps to balance and nourish the skin's natural moisture. Suitable for day and night use, Petite Maison Moisture Booomm 60 ml gives your skin a smooth feeling. It moisturizes the skin deeply, not superficially. Pink Grapefruit Extract has antioxidant properties. By protecting the skin from negative environmental effects, it helps to eliminate the damages to the skin. It contains Amino Acids that support the formation of healthy skin cells. In this way, it has a regenerating and nourishing effect. Providing collagen production, Pink Grapefruit helps to reduce the effects of aging.

One of the other features that make Petite Maison Moisture Booomm 60 ml different is that it contains Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid has moisturizing properties. It supports the moisture and smoothness that the skin needs. Thanks to its water retention feature, it makes the skin look more vivid and bright. It helps to maintain the freshness of the skin when used regularly. Hyaluronic Acid supports your skin to look natural. Gives a radiant appearance. Petite Maison Moisture Booomm 60 ml offers a softening effect with its structure containing Glycerin. It prevents moisture loss of the skin and plays an active role in reducing color unevenness. It helps the skin to regain the lost elasticity.

Petite Maison Moisture Balm 60 ml is applied gently to the face and neck area with the help of fingertips. It is a product suitable for all skin types.

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