Petite Maison Micellar Water

Petite Maison Micellar Water

This Perfect Micellar Water removes all impurities and make-up from the surface of the skin leaving it feeling soft and clean. If you’re looking for a dose of radiance then this gentle cleanser is perfect for you.

Petite Maison Micellar Water 200 ml provides a supportive effect on the skin and make-up removal process. It helps to provide tonal evenness while cleansing the skin deeply. It preserves the moisture balance on the skin and gives a soft touch. With regular use, it helps keep the skin clean. If you use Petite Maison Micellar Water 200 ml, you do not need to use make-up removal water or moisturizer. Because it is supportive in providing intense moisture therapy to the skin. It refreshes the skin and provides renewal. It is a safe and healthy method for skin cleansing thanks to its nourishing ingredients.

Petite Maison Micellar Water 200 ml contains Pink Grapefruit Extract. It refreshes the skin thanks to amino acids that affect the formation of healthy skin cells. Pink Grapefruit protects your skin from possible environmental factors as it has antioxidant properties. At the same time, Petite Maison Micellar Water 200 ml provides collagen production and helps to delay aging in the skin. The skin applied with Petite Maison Micellar Water 200 ml is deeply cleansed and gains a smooth and soft texture. It is suitable for all skin types as it has a sensitive care effect. It refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

Petite Maison Micellar Water 200 ml is poured into cotton and applied to the skin. It gently cleanses the skin and does not require rinsing. It can be used whenever needed. It helps to satisfy the cleansing and moisture balance that the skin needs.

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