Petite Maison Tonic

Petite Maison Tonic

This tonic is ideal for everyday use whenever a touch of freshness is required.

Petite Maison Tonic 200 ml is a product that offers a soothing effect in skincare. It is applied after skin cleansing and helps to care. It is a good supporter of tightening the pores as it is used after the cleansing phase in the daily skincare routine. It plays an effective role in cleaning the last residues left on the skin. It removes dirt and oil and preserves the Ph balance in the skin. It deeply cleans the pores on your skin. Its tightening effect is due to the hygiene in the pores down to the finest detail.

Petite Maison Tonic 200 ml contains Pink Grapefruit Extract, Panthenol and Vitamin E. Pink Grapefruit supports the formation of healthy skin cells. It protects from the harmful effects of environmental factors such as air pollution. It also has antioxidant features and has an anti-aging effect by helping collagen production. Panthenol is an intense moisturizer. It meets the moisture needed by the skin and gives a soft touch. However, it helps to soothe the skin. Vitamin E contained in Petite Maison Tonic 200 ml; protects the skin from harmful effects caused by UV rays. It nourishes the skin and supports its renewal. Since Petite Maison Tonic 200 ml is used in the post-cleansing phase, it helps easy absorption of pre-applied skin care products.

Petite Maison Tonic is applied to the face and neck with the help of 200 ml cotton. While it is suitable for all skin types, it offers sensitive care and repair effect. It gently cleans the last residue left on your skin.

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