Petite Maison Face Cleanup Face Scrup

Petite Maison Face Cleanup Face Scrup

Combine the effects of cleanser, scrub and mask that provides 5 benefits! The skin is left clean, soft, smooth, revitalized and naturally beautiful. The face scrub gently purifies the skin without overdrying.

Ingredients We Love: Kaolin, Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Salicylic Acid

Kaolin one of the most important skin benefits it has the ability to purify without drying the skin. Remove the oil excess from the skin and helps to balance the oil production in the long run.

Glycerin is a moisturizing powerhouse.

Grapefruit Seed Oil, Besides its fresh scent, it is full of rich nutrients, which help promote healthier skin. It helps to protect your skin from free radicals that can damage your skin and cause premature aging.

Calcium Carbonate grains gently exfoliate the skin.

Salicylic Acid has excellent effects against acne, it also clean the skin. It reduce pigment spots, refine pores, and anti-fine and anti-aging effect caused by the sun.



  • Gently exfoliate
  • Unblocks pores
  • Cleans away dirts
  • Hydrate
  • Sebum Control


How to use:

Cleanser: Gently apply to wet face & neck, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

Scrub: Massage smoothly in upward circles, focusing on the forehead, nose and chin, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

Mask: Use as a face mask 2-3 times a week, by lightly applying to your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Suitable for daily use.

Which skin type is it good for?

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Dry

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