Petite Maison Pore Minimiser

Petite Maison Pore Minimiser

Pore Minimiser can be used for a NO-MAKE UP DAYS or as a make up base/primer for a unified skin.

Petite Maison Pore Minimiser 12 ml is used as a pore-reducing product in the skincare routine. When applied to the skin, it gives a natural glow. It allows pores to be reduced and minimized. Petite Maison Pore Minimiser 12 ml, which makes the skin feel smooth, has the feature of being used as a make-up base before make-up. It supports the flawless and healthy appearance of the skin. It gives a soft touch to the skin as it shrinks the pores. Petite Maison Pore Minimiser 12 ml contains Pink Grapefruit Extract. The most important effect of Pink Grapefruit; It contains Amino Acids that support the formation of healthy skin cells. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it protects the skin from harmful effects caused by environmental factors.

Pink Grapefruit helps the collagen production that the skin needs. In this way, it supports the removal of wrinkles by delaying the aging effect on the skin. It has a firming effect on oily skin. It is a good supporter of reducing the spots on the skin. Apart from that, it prevents the occurrence of possible skin problems. It satisfying the needed moisture, especially for dry skin. Available for all skin types. It helps to reduce the wrinkle effect with its potassium content. Petite Maison Pore Minimiser 12 ml shows its effect after a few uses. It supports the skin to be smoother by providing a shine.

Petite Maison Pore Minimiser 12 ml, satisfies the Vitamin C needed by the skin with its Pink Grapefruit content. It helps to repair the skin and keep it moist. It is used as a make-up base whenever needed and supports the shrinkage of pores.

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